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Our most popular massage!  Enjoy a relaxing swedish massage enhanced with hot stones used to massage your neck, back & shoulders.   

25-minutes $45..   50-minutes $90.   80-minutes $135. 

(Gratuities not included)


Breathe deeply as you enjoy your choice of essential oil aromatherapy combined with our relaxing hot stone massage.

25-minutes $45.   50-minutes $90.  80-minutes $135.  (Gratuities not included)


Enjoy our traditional Swedish massage, incorporating slow, gentle massage techniques with a lighter touch.    
25-minutes $45.   50-minutes $90.  80-minutes $135.   (Gratuities not included)

Rejuvenating Massage

Relax and unwind tense muscles with our therapeutic massage enhanced with a deeper touch for those who prefer a firm massage,.    
25-minutes $45.   50-minutes $90.   80-minutes $135.   (Gratuities not included) 

Tension Tamer Massage

Melt tension away with our firm pressure massage that incorporates hot stone therapy for total relaxation.
25-minutes $45.  50-minutes $90.  80-minutes $135.   (Gratuities not included)

Deep Tissue Massage

Therapeutic massage that works deep into the muscle tissues.  Recommended for those that receive regular massages and have chronic muscle pain & tension.
25-minutes $50.  50-minutes $100.  80-minutes $145.   (Gratuities not included)

muscle Buster Massage
A Deep Tissue Massage and Hot Stone Massage combined!
25-minutes $50.  50-minutes $100.   80-minutes $145..   (Gratuities not included)

Maternity Massage 
A relaxing massage just for the mother-to-be.
25-minutes $50.   50-minutes $90.  (Gratuities not included)

Sports Massage

Designed for athletes to promote long lasting increased blood flow in the muscles which improves circulation, flexibility, and range of motion,  helping to prevent injuries.

Pre-Event Massage - a fast paced massage using compressive strokes along with stretching.      15-minutes $25.  25-minutes $50.  (Gratuities not included)

Post-Event Massage - A slower paced firm pressure massage that helps flush out metabolic waste from the body, addressing trigger points and adhesions.
25-min $50.   50-min $90.   80-min $135.  (Gratuities not included)